A healthy serving of collaboration at #COP28.

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3 min readDec 14, 2023

2023 was a defining year for the COP28 conference. Although the topic of food systems had been mentioned in previous conferences, the organisers dedicated two full days to its discussion at this year's event.

A week after hosting the first tasting of cultivated meat in the Gulf region, our co-founder and COO, Tasneem Karodia embarked on a journey to the conference to take part in panel discussions, joined by other thought leaders making waves in food systems innovation. As a first time COP attendee, there was a lot to digest, and it was two weeks of nonstop activity. Below is a bit-sized summary of our experience at the conference, curated by our co-founder, Tasneem Karodia.

Hakeem Jimo (Veggie Victory) and Elysabeth Alfano (Plant-Based Business Hour) with Tasneem Karodia, Newform Foods co-founder and COO.

Collaboration fosters progress.
“It’s becoming clear from a global perspective that there are many companies focusing on tangible solutions to the climate crisis. While these solutions are crucial, we cannot simply operate in silos. Collaboration and transparency are how we’re going to make a real impact. Being able to chat about what we’re bringing to the table with other leaders made this apparent.”

There is no silver bullet solution.
“It was great to see the growing demand for protein diversification and new ways of developing sustainable agriculture practices. When facing a challenge as widespread as climate change, we need multiple solutions working together, rather than viewing the solution from a single perspective. It’s also about giving consumers a variety of options if we want these solutions to become mainstream. More plant-based food, coupled with the option of real meat made from cells, while working with sustainable agriculture, is an ecosystem of progress that we need to look at collectively.”

Cultivating female leadership in food systems.
“As a female leader in cellular agriculture, the topic of female leadership was brought to the table on multiple occasions. While we definitely have work to do in this regard, it’s refreshing to see more females joining the industry. Our company leans more female in terms of leadership positions and that’s not just by design. We’re starting to see more females wanting to join the industry and make their voices heard, which is inspiring and we will continue to foster female leadership as we grow Newform Foods into the future.”

‘’Unleashing the Power of Alternative Proteins for Climate Resilience and Food Security,’🌱 with other incredible leaders. Thanks to The Good Food Institute Brasil for hosting the panel!
Cultivating Change for a Food Secure World’ hosted by Global Cellular Agriculture Alliance in partnership with Food Tank.



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