Mzansi Meat becomes Newform Foods and develops a cost-effective bioplatform to accelerate the
food industry’s adoption of cultivated animal products.

Newform Foods
3 min readAug 15, 2023


Cape Town, South Africa, August 15 — Newform Foods is creating a paradigm shift in the food industry by empowering food producers and brands to step into the future of food and make cultivated animal products. The company boasts continent-spanning capabilities with a commercial hub in the UK opening this year and R&D operations in South Africa.
“Today’s conventional meat industry is fraught with issues, from the extensive use of antibiotics to the inhumane treatment of animals and severe environmental impact,” said Brett Thompson, CEO and co-founder of Newform. “We provide a sustainable and efficient solution to these challenges by making cultivated animal products mainstream. Our focus is on the development of a humane, sustainable alternative to conventional meat production.”

The company’s proprietary bioproduction process significantly reduces the cost and time required to create delicious cultivated animal products. This leap forward in food production will empower brands and producers to
revolutionise their offerings and move away from outdated meat production. Born from the combined expertise of co-founders, Brett Thompson and Tasneem Karodia, Newform leverages over 20 years of experience in the alternative protein and biotech industries to bring innovative solutions to the market. Their diverse team of engineers and scientists have developed a bioplatform offering end-to-end solutions from prototype to pilot and beyond, simplifying the journey from lab to market.
After successfully trialling a prototype and developing plans to take it to pilot, the company is already in early-stage conversations with retailers, food manufacturers and meat companies looking to be part of the future of food.“Our vision is a world where sustainable, harm-free food systems deliver delicious, nutritious, cultivated food at cost parity,” Thompson stated. “By leveraging food science and cost-efficiency, we’re turning this vision into reality.”

Newform Foods would like to invite potential partners and interested parties to explore opportunities for collaboration. With its bioplatform and experienced team, Newform is eager to partner with leaders who share its vision for the future of food.

About Newform Foods
Newform Foods develops proprietary technology licences for food producers and retailers worldwide. With a focus on efficiency, scalability, and quality, the company also offers comprehensive consultancy services to help you maximise production. The company has continent-spanning headquarters with a commercialised head office in the UK and R&D operations in South Africa, taking advantage of capex efficiencies and a favourable regulatory environment.

For more information about Newform Foods, visit or contact:

Tasneem Karodia, Newform Foods co-founder and COO
Brett Thompson, Newform Foods co-founder and CEO



Newform Foods

Newform Foods is leveraging a continent-spanning R&D network to help food producers develop and scale cultivated animal products, fast & affordably.