Newform Foods hosts the largest cultivated meat tasting of its kind in the Gulf region.

Newform Foods
2 min readNov 29, 2023
Co-founders Brett Thompson and Tasneem Karodia at the Dubai Future Forum 2023.

The Dubai Future Forum is an annual event hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation at the iconic Museum of the Future that brings together futurists, foresight practitioners, thought leaders, and experts from academia and various industries as well as government to anticipate challenges, imagine opportunities, share foresight, and shape the future. In 2023, the Dubai Future Forum will once again seek to provide an international platform for futurists and thought leaders, from diverse sectors, to discuss insights and experiences, inspire and challenge one another, and build a long-lasting community by engaging on tomorrow’s most pressing issues; thus cementing Dubai’s position as a rising global hub for future leadership and action.

Newform Foods brought the cultivated meat discussion to this global platform by hosting a tasting of their cultivated lamb meatballs. The future of food tasting was the largest of its kind in the Gulf region. Guests at the event were given the opportunity to taste how meat will be made in the future.

“It has been incredible to follow Newform Foods’ journey through the years and get the opportunity to taste their cultivated lamb meatball at the Dubai Future Forum. The lamb meatball tasted great and had a gamey meat flavour.” Ahmed Khan, Founder & Editor, Cell Agri.

“The flavour and the texture had the aftertaste of actual lamb. The meatball even had the slight toughness of lamb which added to the bite. I’ve tried cultivated meat before, but this was by far the most mind blowing experience I’ve had with cultivated meat.” Joelene Lum, Head of Business Development, Nurasa.

“It was an honour to showcase some of the work we’ve been doing over the last few months with a global audience at the Dubai Future Forum 2023. We’ve been doing tastings since our first burger launch in April 2022 and this was by far the largest. We’d like to extend a massive thank you to the Dubai Future Foundation for having us and for the opportunity to show the world what we’re cooking up for the future.” Brett Thompson, CEO and co-founder of Newform Foods, said of the event.

Guests at the Future of Food tasting event.



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